Back Pain Treatment in Oxford

Back Pain Treatment

Our Osteopaths in Oxford are best known for the treatment of back pain and nearly 60% of our clients are seeking treatment for pain in the low back or pelvis.  Most cases of low back pain are due to problems with the muscles and joints of the low back. Although this type of low back pain can be very painful, these episodes tend to short-lived with most people recovering within days to weeks. The 2009 National Institute of Clinical Excellence report (NICE) recommends Osteopathy for the treatment of this type of low back pain.

There are also other causes of low back pain that can take longer to recover from. Low back pain due to problems with the discs of the spine, often causes trapped nerves, such as sciatica, which can take weeks or even months to resolve. All our Osteopaths are specifically trained to examine, diagnose and treat the different causes of low back pain.

This feedback for Tom Bedford is 12 years late, but maybe all the better for it because of the...
Hugh Kitchin
Hugh, it may have been twelve years ago but I remember you and I remember our discussion! I am delighted that your back pain has been so much more manageable and that you have been able to continue to play cricket too. You also made my morning by sending us your review: thank you!

Back pain in pregnancy and in the first year after birth

Back pain, especially low back pain, is very common in pregnancy. Our Osteopaths have safely treated many pregnant women and have helped with back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as sciatica, in all stages of pregnancy. Back pain is also frequent in women in the first year after giving birth. The demands of carrying and breast feeding a child, place strain upon the muscles and joints of the spine. Our Osteopaths are trained to release these muscles and joints, they can also give advice and exercises to help reduce future episodes.

Have you seen our video of some simple stretches for the low back?


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