Ben Ousey's new mindfulness video: Acceptance

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 15:15

Mindfulness is for everyone

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations supporting the charity Ataxia UK, Osteopath Ben Ousey has produced a new video on Mindfulness and Acceptance Therapy.  This video is especially useful to anyone who is coping with chronic pain, high levels of stress, or disorders that affect mobility and movement such as Ataxia.  This new video is available on our website (scroll down) and Youtube channel

Mindfulness practice is clinically proven to lower stressdecrease pain, and bolster well-being.  It provides an excellent complement to other, more physically-oriented therapeutic approaches such as massage and Osteopathy.  We highly recommend Mindfulness practice because there is growing clinical evidence that it can be of benefit to almost everyone.  If you haven't tried it before, Ben’s introductory video is a great place to start.  

How can Mindfulness help Ataxia patients?

Mindfulness refers to a particular type of conscious awareness when we are intentionally focused on our present moment experience in an accepting and non-judgemental way. When we can achieve this state of consciousness it has significant benefits for our mental, physical and emotional well being.

"For anyone suffering from chronic pain or trying to come to terms with life changing conditions like Ataxia, being focused on the present moment understandably can be challenging. When faced with difficult situations and unpleasant sensations most people will react with physical and mental struggle. This struggle against our present moment experience becomes an aggravating factor of underlying health conditions and pain levels.

This is why developing an accepting and non-judgemental approach is vital. It is not about giving up or being passive but rather enabling us to release ourselves from the physical and mental rejection of our unwanted experiences and creating a mental fortitude based on psychological flexibility that can help us to find a more fulfilling and productive  approach to our lives."

For more information on Mindfulness which includes references to clinical studies, visit our mindfulness treatment page or for an overview of latest research findings.  For more information on Ataxia and Ataxia UK, please visit