Children's Treatment in Oxford

Osteopathy for children from the new born to 16 years of age.

What will happen during a consultation?

During the consultation Summeara will take a full case history and conduct an examination of the child. In the case of a baby this will include a number of questions about the delivery of the baby and about how your baby is sleeping, feeding and developing. The examination is completely painless and involves a full paediatric clinical assessment, checking for example, if the various development milestones have been achieved.

For toddlers, the examination techniques take the form of play and for older children ranges of movement are assessed in a similar way to adults.

Similarly, to the osteopathic examination in adults, the osteopathic treatment of children centres around finding tension and restrictions in the human body. After the examination, a diagnosis and the treatment options available are discussed with the parents. Osteopathic treatment comprises of very gentle structural and cranial osteopathic techniques.

Is the treatment painful?

Not at all! Osteopathic treatment is completely painless and very gentle - infants have been known to fall asleep in treatment, and most older children look forward to their next consultation.

What next?

Following treatment, you may be given advice on stretches, positioning or feeding techniques, depending on your child's needs.