Andrew Nicholettos: PhD(c), BSc (hons), M.Ost, MSc SEM, PgCert MskMed, FAFS, CAFS,

Andy is a multi-award-winning Osteopath, with First class honours in Sports and Exercise Science, three separate distinctions at postgraduate level in Osteopathy, Sport and Exercise Medicine, and Musculoskeletal Medicine, and research and teaching/mentoring expertise spanning exercise rehabilitation and sport performance. Andy has developed a passion for managing non-resolving conditions of the spine, shoulder and knee. He uses a combination of hands-on skills, personalised exercise solutions, and blends this with knowledge from diverse areas such as lifestyle and nutritional medicine, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based methods, in order to create a person-centred approach for each individual he works with. These skills have made Andy a very suitable candidate to help recreational and elite athletes, and members of the public alike.

Andy’s career in healthcare began with a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise Science. It was here that he developed an interest in how exercise and lifestyle interventions can be used to prevent and manage complications associated with persistent health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and painful musculoskeletal conditions.

After his undergraduate degree, Andy completed a Master’s degree in Osteopathy at University College Osteopathy (UCO). Andy chose a career in Osteopathy, because its treatment philosophy placed emphasis on the person, and the promotion of health, rather than the transient suppression, or correction of disease. He graduated with Distinction and was awarded the school’s prestigious Silver Medal Award, and the RK Hardy Prize for obtaining the highest academic and clinical marks in his year group, and for research excellence respectively.

As an adjunct to his clinical training at UCO, Andy spent two years working with the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy team at Kings College London, where he developed a more in depth understanding of physical rehabilitation following musculoskeletal injury, specifically individuals with traumatic knee pain. 

Andy amalgamated his broad interest in human health and performance, and musculoskeletal medicine generally with two further and separate post graduate qualifications: a Master’s degree (Distinction) in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health from University College London and a PgCert in Musculoskeletal Medicine (Distinction) from the University of Leeds. These courses provided Andy with advanced knowledge of the prevention and management of acute and overuse sport and orthopedic injuries, a more in depth understanding of how exercise can be used to help manage persistent health problems, and an overview of the management of musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions in primary and secondary care.

Andy is currently completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham, where he is  developing ideas to help people in pain to understand and manage their symptoms in the context of their unique life template. Andy hopes these ideas for treatment will help provide people in pain with more hope and possibilities for action.

Since Andy qualified as an Osteopath, he has worked in NHS and private sport and musculoskeletal medicine clinics. He was one of the first Osteopaths in the country to work in an extended scope role, which is a position granted to individuals with an advanced skill set in a particular area of practice.

In the sports domain, Andy has worked with a number of professional and recreational elite athletes spanning British Athletics, Premiership Rugby/Football, and European Tour Golf where he has a particular passion and pedigree. Indeed, he has focused a large part of his sports medicine career combining his long-standing passion for the game, with golf specific biomechanics and knowledge from world leading coaches. The outcome has been a culture of success and a paradigm shift in how healthcare practitioners can help improve the  physical health of golfers – on and off of the course.