BSc (Hons) Ost

Ben specialises in treating conditions such as lower back pain and neck pain as well as repetitive strain and sports injuries. Ben is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and his patients describe him as an empathetic and skilled Osteopath. Ben incorporates a variety of Osteopathic techniques including massage, joint mobilization and spinal manipulation to help his patients to reduce pain and improve their mobility.

In addition to being a registered Osteopath, Ben is a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher and he is passionate about meditation and the positive and scientifically proven effects a regular meditation practice has on human health. Ben is one of a small number of Osteopaths in the UK qualified to offer treatment through the OsteoMAP programme, an NHS funded initiative that combines mindfulness and Osteopathy and which is particularly useful for the treatment of chronic and persistent pain. Ben combines mindfulness meditation and osteopathic manipulative therapy approaches in order to provide a biopsychosocial approach to health that incorporates the fundamentally interrelated elements of the mind and body. Ben also is a highly rated public speaker who specialises in mindfulness, mobility, and occupational health. He is available to provide guided meditations and training in one on one or group sessions.

Ben Ousey Mindfulness Teacher