Sam has been an Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD) for over 30 years, a specialist in anything to do with ears and hearing care. Sam is the Director of Summertown Audiology. She has been fully qualified and registered since 1994. She has a post-graduate Diploma in the Pathology of the Ear and ENT Emergencies.

She is a Tinnitus Practitioner (Trained by the British Tinnitus Association) and is an Earwax Removal Specialist, ENT Consultant Trained (Microsuction) and has worked both in Private and NHS clinics.
She is in her last year of her Masters Degree in Audiology having passed all of the courses she is now focusing on her thesis. She is trying to decide what topic to choose and has got it down to either designing a protocol for testing patients with Dementia or Can Parkinson’s give a temporary conductive loss (using Tympanography and Reflexes).

Sam is available at the clinic on Tuesdays and you can make an appointment online or by calling 01865 306640

Sam Godkin