Vanessa has acquired an extensive range of qualifications as a physical therapist including:  


Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy,

Advanced Myofascial Release,

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage.


She is also qualified as a teacher in:

Dance of Awareness,

Hatha Yoga,

Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga,

Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga.




Vanessa is a Holistic & Therapeutic Advanced Clinical Massage therapist.  She specializes in Trigger Point Technique and Myofascial Release on the treatment of deep and soft tissue as appropriate to each individual client to enable the body to heal from aches and pains. She believes that the wellbeing of the body and mind areinextricably linked.  


The awareness of Myofascial release as a cutting-edge technique for somatic self-regulation is becoming very popular among clients looking to treat chronic pain, severe acute pain and, any psychosomatic pain from stress or emotional distress.

It requires good communication with clients to establish safety within the body and within each one’s own levels of tolerance in a subtle and highly effective way. It is a very precise type of treatment that requires time to listen to the tissues until significant changes in texture and feelcan become apparent to the client and therapist.


As a yoga teacher, Vanessa will incorporate her awareness of breathing into the treatment and encourage the client to practice easy to follow movements for pain management to promote faster results and independence from the therapist in the long term.


Although, the client is likely to notice pain relief on the first treatment, it is highly recommended to book a course of three to five treatments for better results if you have suffered from this pain for a long time. This can be discussed and arranged with the therapist directly after the first consultation.  

Vanessa is available at the clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can book online here or call our reception team. For further information, please contact Vanessa directly on



Vanessa Pegorari - Deep Tissue Massage Therapist