Corinne McLardy Smith

BOst (Hons)

Corinne graduated with a BOst (Hons) in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Corinne has a keen interest in core stability, biomechanical and postural assessments and enjoys helping patients to optimise their own health and fitness. Corinne is passionate about improving health and reducing pain by making incremental, sustainable lifestyle changes. Her approach to Osteopathy is solution-oriented, caring, and patient-centred.  Corinne is currently developing a series of instructional videos on biodynamics for a lay audience. 



Corinne Treats:

Corinne has many years worth of experience in treating a number of conditions, which includes; Back Pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain.