Khalil M.
I suffered from shoulder pain for more than six month and after I’ve seen Tom it was all gone. He was brilliant . I highly recommend it 👌🏻.
Amelia G.
I have suffered with lower back pain since my first child was born nearly 9 years ago. I tried absolutely everything to find some kind of relief, I had physiotherapy and acupuncture I saw a chiropractor and an osteopath (elsewhere) recieved MRI and CT scans with nothing showing, I then had three sacroiliac joint injections but still nothing worked for me. I then lost 4 stone in weight in the hope my back pain would ease. Still nothing! A family member recommended Tom Bedford to me and after just one session my back pain had gone completely. I then had two more sessions with Tom and I can honestly say he has changed my life. Thank you, Tom.
Graham R.
Neil Morgan has been amazing in our sessions - he really takes the time to listen to you, and always makes sure that you are comfortable with what he's doing. Very helpful, and highly recommended!
Lee G
Friendly, safe environment who always manage to sort my back with just one Osteopath session.
Ian S.
After 18 months of constant hip and groin pain and a ridiculous amount of scans, Physio and antibiotics and still no diagnosis for my pains, I went and saw Tom Bedford at Iffley Turn Practice who pretty quickly suspected I had a labrum tear in my right hip and suggested I had an mri arthrogram to specifically look for this issue. Well he was absolutely right and I am now due key hole surgery to repair the issue. I am so glad I went to see him.Easy booking system, Tom was great, welcoming and friendly. Easy to find and plenty of parking.
Jeano L.
Very professional and knowledgeable ostepath, wouldn't go anywhere else
Sue B.
Well organised for covid. Online booking, bell push on the door, sanitizer etc. Thank you Ben for a beneficial session
Mina Katouzian (.
It's friendly and I've had several wonderful experiences here getting a massage which worked both for my body but also the therapist was intuitive and very 'tuned in ' and nourished my soul - which needed some support and grounding.
H A H.
Currently receiving treatment from Corrinne having never seen an Osteopath before. She is amazing and i could feel the benefits straight away. She is straight talking and honest with the treatment she is giving. Absolutely recommend this practice.
Ben is my hero. I was suffering from acute pain in my left temple, jaw and had sensitive teeth. I was maxed out on painkillers. Ben did his magic and even after the first session, I had significantly less pain. He was also good at looking at the issue holistically which I appreciated. I feel like a new person!
Gary T.
shout out to Mrs Bedford. 5⭐ be seeing you again Monday
This place is great very professional clean and tidy had a pain in my neck after treatment by Ben I felt brand new thanks I really recommend it if you're suffering
Kris S.
I went to Summeara last December following a fall down the stairs at home. I had pain in my side, she diagnosed fractured ribs and helped me to be able to breathe. She was so professional and attentive, even called me the following day to see how I was feeling. Last week I was playing tennis and did something to my knee so yesterday I had an appointment with her to see if there was anything she could do as I was having trouble standing and walking. Following a massage of my leg I was 95% pain free… Summeara is an incredible person and practitioner, her manner is so gentle and caring, she takes the time to listen before forming an opinion and then treats the issue. I would thoroughly recommend her for any aches and pains before running to a chemist for painkillers. Can't wait for my followup treatment next week.
Vanessa P.
My mum Sara received wonderful treatment here she said there was excellent communication and professionalism. The treatment has provided her with a lot of relief from her pain and she would highly recommend. Thank you so much!
Delroy I.
Anytime I feel I need a realignment I always pop in
Linda K.
I have seen Tom Bedford several times with a troublesome shoulder and am completely satisfied with my treatment. He and his staff are always friendly and Tom is very good at explaining things to you. I can thoroughly recommend this practice to anyone.
Erin W.
Can't say enough good things about Iffley Turn practice. Many of my friends also go here, because we all keep recommending the place. The receptionist is helpful and friendly, and always gets back to me quickly. And the treatment I've had has been thorough and we'll explained. You also get a helpful email reminder if your appointment.
Tracy W.
Acupuncture sessions with Emily Carson are fantastic: Emily is considerate, kind and professional. I feel that I respond so well to her treatments and would recommend booking in with her for treatment and relaxation!
Mark K.
Tom Bedford is a very experienced practitioner who had been helping me with my back for years now. My back is pain free most of the time now, and a regular MOT with Tom helps me keep it that way. And when I do pull something and end up in pain, Tom's the person I trust to help get me back on my feet again. Highly recommended.
Rachel R.
I would strongly recommend the osteopathy treatment at Iffley Turn Practice. Each treatment I had with Summeara significantly eased the stiffness and tension in my upper back and neck after having injured it. This also gave me greater mobility. I was able to discuss with her exercises that I could do in my own time to ease the discomfort, which was very useful.
Hannah I.
Always feel amazing after leaving here, back in line!
I went to see James with carpal tunnel in my wrist and after an initial examination told me that acupuncture would likely help. I could feel the difference immediately and in just two sessions I don't even notice the pain any more. Thanks James
george U.
Thank you to Ben for the most blissful Mindfulness course (4 lovely weeks). I learnt so much in a very relaxed space. I shall defiantly continue and will look forward to meeting periodically with the group for a "top-up".
Jessie L.
My 5 years old daughter had cricked her neck out of sudden with extreme pain which we had to take her to A&E. Half of her body locked down and couldn’t move. After A&E’s treatment, the pain went, however one of her right shoulder was much higher than her left, her spin was in ‘S’ shape.Summeara from Iffley Turn Practice took her on the same day after soon after our A&E visit. With her treatment, my daughter’s symptom had significantly improvement. On the second day, my daughter’s body back to normal. She was amazing on dealing with my daughter’s case. She was patient, friendly and being flexible with bookings.
Joelle M.
The practitioners I have seen at this practice are outstanding: thank you James Thirlway my acupuncturist and Tom Bedford the osteopath for keeping me fit, healthy and happy!
Lucienne B.
The staff are very knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. Tom has helped me "back on my feet" on numerous occasions. I would not trust anyone else with my back! I have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anyone.
María Ortega N.
Needed a osteopath to check on my neck urgently on a Saturday afternoon, and it worked. She is amazing!
Paul W.
Big thank you to Summeara for the treatment and exercise routine she gave to my son. After struggling all season with muscle and tendon issues pulling his heel out of alignment he was back on the pitch today at the Charlbury Tournament after five weeks of barely kicking a ball. To watch him play you would never know he had been away, to see him score a cheeky lob over the keeper from just inside the opposition half was priceless.
Rich G.
Qualified authentic traditional eastern acupuncture. Heather D has a unique ability to identify hidden underlying patterns that often seem completely unrelated to symptoms. The results are often spectacular. Awesome & highly recommended!
Sian P.
Great clinic. My spasming back pain was sorted on my first appointment with Tom. The treatment plan is clearly communicated to you on your first visit. I only needed two appointments. My back went from lifting and twisting when lifting my baby. I haven't had any reoccurring back problems since treatment and my baby is getting heavier! Highly recommended!
John O.
First class. I've received excellent treatment from Mr. Ousey. Would recommend pre race check up for would be marathoners (or half marathoners)
Simon H.
Lower back pain for months was treated within minutes. The new address Church Cowley Road offers parking spaces and more spacious treatment rooms. Having tried many soft tissue and sport massages all over Oxford Tom has the ability and expert knowledge to alleviate my pain immediately.
Steve H.
My lower back was very stiff and painful and with a little manipulation and massage from Summeara it made a huge difference.
The new venue is light and airy and relaxing. I love this place.
Rob S.
Friendly and professional, back has never felt better!
Sophie K.
first appointment with Tom, what a charming place. the receptionists are so friendly, the appointment was so helpful, everything explained clearly and I feel better already after muscle spasms that made it difficult to walk. What a wonderful place, I will be going back again.
Nicole K.
Went to see Ben for a trigger point massage for upper back problems. He was very attentive and focused on the area I asked him too. The massage was just painful enough to where you know it's therapeutic. Two weeks on I still feel great!
jack C.
Tom Bedford has been looking after my back for nearly 10 years now and I could not have survived without my regular MOT's. Highly professional, won't book you in for follow up appointments unless you truely need it.This is the best Osteo in Oxford.
Dr Kirren S.
I received excellent service here, I saw Corinne McLarthy-Smith, she was amazing, thank you.
Megan W.
I had my first massage with Ben Davies after my neck and shoulder had completely frozen due to an injury and lugging around my big, fat, rugby player of a toddler. I have had a ton of work done on it and many massages. When it froze, I was really concerned that this was the beginning of a lot of medical intervention but Ben gave me the most productive, healing, treatment I have ever received. He was warm and professional. He was extremely receptive and could intuitively sense and respond to what my back required. He was able to source problem areas that I had no idea were connected to the affected area. I needed a thorough, intense massage and my back felt better than it has in years- he's great. I can't see going to any other therapist now and not being hugely disappointed. My only hesitation in telling people how good he is, is that it will become impossible to get an appointment with him. Thanks Ben!
Sharon C.
Having had a problem with plantar fasciitis for months, I booked treatment with Tom Bedford. After just two sessions, and having faithfully carried out the prescribed exercises and stretches, the problem is nearly gone. I am very very grateful - I wish had gone there weeks ago!Tom is very professional, respectful, friendly and happy to explain relevant information. He also understands that you want to continue with your usual physical activities, and works with them, not against.
Fabio S.
I had lower back pain because of training hard for a rowing competition. The back pain was so intense that was difficult to sit down in a chair. I have received a treatment at St. Clements Osteopathy from Corinne McLardy Smith. She has been friendly and polite making me feel very comfortable. I have to say that the day after the treatment I could manage to row and finish my training. I’ve seen Corrinne again a week later because a bit a muscular stiffness was left and the treatment has been really useful.I will thoroughly recommend Corinne for sure.
Lee S.
After a week of severe pain in my neck, I decided that I had to see somebody as the pain was only getting worse. St Clements Osteopathy were recommended by a friend and I am pleased to say that after a 30 minute session there was a massive improvement. By the next day the pain had completely gone. This was my first experience of visiting an osteopath, I have never been a fan of massage before, so was unsure whether I would enjoy the experience. I am pleased to say that I will definitely be back and would strongly recommend the service here to everyone! LS
Lise B
Don't be nervous of trying this place if you have never used it before. I walked in, no hobbled in, off the street in desperation as painkillers and home remedies weren't sorting my back pain out. What a fantastic result so far, in just two sessions. I am going back for more.I had lower back pain for a few weeks. I saw Rebecca Root for a 30 min massage during a particularly bad period of pain and stiffness. Immediately after I felt free and could even put my socks on! Of course the muscles stiffened up later, but I was still significantly freer to move and freer of pain than I had been.On the basis of a good experience with Rebecca I booked an osteo appointment with Summeara the next day. Again, excellent care, sound advice given. I love that no one does a hard sell.At last I am on the mend. I will definitely be building in regular periodic appointments for maintenance and to keep me on a sensible path to good back management.
Gemma D.
Corinne McLardy Smith has been treating me for over 18 months now and I would highly recommend her. As a painter and decorator my back is always being affected in different ways, depending on what I have been doing, I always feel that Corinne takes the time to listen and understand what I am saying and how I am feeling. She has always been very friendly and knows how to make me feel at ease.I wouldn't ever consider being treated by anyone else.
Rich H.
I have received treatments at St. Clements Osteopathy for over 6 months and found the team to be extremely knowledgeable, effective and friendly. As someone who gets injured through self-inflicted sporting excesses, the last thing I want to hear is stop training. Tom and his team understand this and work around this to provide a solution which suits me but is also effective. Would thoroughly recommend.
Mark S.
Fantastic service, great atmosphere and well trained team. I had a sports therapy massage with Rebecca Root, my neck and back felt great afterwards. I would highly recommend St Clements Osteopathy and Massage Ltd to anyone. Thanks again Rebecca, I will be booking another appointment soon!