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I attended the mindfulness training, it's been a fantastic course enabling to focus on the present moment. Course is teaching relaxation techniques and is introducing to the meditation which is amazing. I would highly recommend to anyone. Shame it only runs for 4 weeks. Very good value for money. Can't wait for the top up class.
Hi Alina - Thank you for this lovely review. We are glad you enjoyed the course and look forward...
Name:Alina Stempin-Baccaglini
Service(s) Provided: Mindfulness, Ben Ousey
Really excellent, professional and effective acupuncture treatment
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Acupuncture, James Thirwall , RSI or Repetitive Strain
I have been having acupuncture with Sam for a few years now, on and off as I have needed and will continue to do so. I have complex medical conditions that have required a lot of thought outside the box, which hasn't been possible within conventional medical practice, (which I still believe there is always a place for, but also has its limitations like most things!) but the holistic approach and positive outcomes I have received through the acupuncture and being able to communicate so easily with Sam has been invaluable to me. She is a caring, extremely knowledgeable, and a very professional down to earth and skilled practitioner who has helped me on so many levels. It is a joy to be treated by someone who is passionate about what they are doing and truly cares about their patients. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Name:Michelle Dove
Job Title:Optometrist/Practice Owner
Company:Dove and Conway Opticians
Service(s) Provided: Acupuncture, Sam Manning , Ankle and Foot Pain , Back Pain , Hip Pain , Knee Pain , Neck Pain , RSI or Repetitive Strain , Sciatica & Trapped Nerves , Shoulder Pain , Stress & Anxiety
I've been coming to Chris for several months for remedial massage to improve muscle tension and headaches. He's been so helpful -- I sleep better now, my tension headaches have significantly decreased in intensity and in number, acute and general anxiety has softened, and athletic performance in rowing improved. He's always relaxed and pleasant; I never feel nervous about the session. Iffley Turn Practice is bright and clean. The only drawback? Chris is very good, and I won't go to anyone else -- this is a problem when his appointments book quickly! 10/10!
Name:Katherine Halcrow
Service(s) Provided: Massage, Chris Haworth , Back Pain , Headaches , Hip Pain , Neck Pain , Shoulder Pain , Sports Injuries , Stress & Anxiety
I was reassured from the very first meeting with Ben for osteopathy (which have helped me a lot, by the way)and during our conversations I learned about the Mindfulness course. It was reassuring and enlightening ..... and not at al weird :) Highly recommended.
Name:Pauline Maclean
Service(s) Provided: Osteopathy , Mindfulness, Ben Ousey , Hip Pain , Shoulder Pain
The best £50 I’ve spent for some time! Major improvement, somewhere between completely better and mostly better, physically and physiologically a huge improvement. I recommend the practice.
Name:John Walsh
Service(s) Provided: Osteopathy , Tom Bedford , Back Pain
Tom was really calming and explained the treatment plan clearly. He informed me my back problem was common, that it could be treated and it was. My pain went on my first treatment. I went from being in spasming pain to having no pain after treatment. I was worried my back pain may return due to lifting a 6 month baby that was getting bigger(!) but he his now 8 months and I haven't had any further problems.
Name:Sian Pratchett
Service(s) Provided: Osteopathy , Massage, Tom Bedford , Back Pain
I have nothing but good things to say about Heather and my very positive experience of acupuncture with her. She has helped me so much on so many levels with a variety of issues including insomnia. I always enjoy my sessions with her and come away feeling calmer and reassured. Heather is a fantastic person - always kind and perceptive, and highly skilled and knowledgeable. I will continue to recommend her, and am now an advocate for the profound benefits of acupuncture.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Acupuncture, Heather Davidson , Stress & Anxiety
I am so grateful that I found Heather during a period of my life when I was feeling extremely weak, anxious, stressed, with my hormones all over the place. I'd just finished breastfeeding and my GP couldn't find any reason for me to be feeling the way I was. When I first sat down with Heather, I felt completely in safe hands. She listened and immediately knew what to do, telling me that in traditional Chinese medicine there is a simple explanation for the hormonal flux when breastfeeding ends. I felt an immediate difference after the first acupuncture session, and the hormonal issue was sorted within a month of weekly acupuncture visits. As well as further acupuncture for a variety of issues (stress, anxiety, sleep issues), she was also able to advise me of some adaptations to my diet which would support and nourish my blood, meaning that I no longer feel dizzy and weak each month. I will continue to follow this advice and believe it has been invaluable to my health and well-being. Heather is very astute, caring and really listens to whatever is going on. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Acupuncture, Heather Davidson
I visited Heather for regular acupuncture to help with a range of health problems stemming from cancer treatment. When I first began seeing Heather I was suffering from anxiety and fatigue, as well as digestive problems and hormonal disturbances. I immediately felt comfortable with Heather and she really listened to all of my concerns. I saw an improvement in all of my symptoms very quickly and, when I needed further cancer treatment, regular acupuncture helped me to cope with the stress and also reduced the side-effects. Heather is a caring and empathetic practitioner, and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to her practice which I found very helpful. I would highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who feels that their general health (physical or mental) requires some additional support to get back on track.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Acupuncture, Heather Davidson , Stress & Anxiety