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I visited Tom when I had exhausted all options recommended by the doctor and was still no further forward with relieving my excruciating back and neck pain which caused headaches and times where I could not stand up straight! Tom has been a miracle worker, using both massage and manipulating techniques to relieve pressure and pain, I could say after 3 treatments I was feeling elated! After 6 months of treatments and exercises at home I was definitely on the road to self managing the pain when it occurred. I now visit Tom for a 6 monthly 'MOT' and couldn't recommend him/the services any more.
Name:Steffani Herring-Hall
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain , Headaches , Neck Pain
Amazing and friendly atmosphere, felt completely at ease when coming for my treatment. My treatment itself was very effective after my first visit and after my second visit I am now free of back pain. Highly recommended. Thank you Tom!
Thank you Amie - we are delighted that you are better already!
Name:Amie Mechen
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain , Shoulder Pain
I have been seeing Ben Ousey off and on since the start of 2011. I am a swimmer, who has undertaken increasingly long endurance swims, and have just completed a Two Way Windermere Swim (21 miles) in 10h46 minutes. This would not have been possible without Ben's work on my arms over the last couple of months (nor would I have got so far without the previous osteopathy work). Ben is friendly and interested in the effects of sport and I would (and have!) recommend him to people with sports-related-issues.
Name:Verity Westgate
Service(s) Provided:
I had fortnightly massages with Ben Davies' when I developed RSI during my finals at Oxford. I am exceptionally gratefully for the work he did, reducing my previously unmanageable pain right down, and essentially allowing me to complete my finals. He treated the RSI in my neck, arms, chest and back with trigger point therapy. Due to his work and other therapies which Ben recommended such as qi qong, yoga and meditation, the RSI got much better even during a period of intense stress (the four months during my finals at Oxford) with many hours at a computer daily. I would highly recommend Ben for anyone with neck tension and RSI. I also saw Tom Bedford when I woke up with a crick in my neck mid-finals which he amazing de-cricked!
Name:Clem Brown
Service(s) Provided: Neck Pain , RSI or Repetitive Strain
I had a therapeutic massage with Ben. I can now extend my neck and no longer have such muscle tension. It went so well that I recommended him to my friend and my teenage son.
Name:Anonymous Anonymous
Service(s) Provided: Massage
I used this service when heavily pregnant and for my newborn baby. Summeara is such an understanding practitioner and achieved immediately positive effects for us both! Thank goodness for your osteopaths!!! Thank you :)
Thank you for your lovely feedback Beth, we are really please Summeara was able to help you...
Name:Beth powell
Service(s) Provided: Summeara Bedford , Back Pain
Great service and a.dvice. Friendly yet efficient. Treatment works, would highly recommend
Name:Anonymous Anonymous
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
I have been suffering from a rare condition known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for about two years now. It has basically been constant pain during that period and I have seen roughly 20-25 specialists from doctors to masseuses. Ben Davies is the first massage therapist I have met that actually understands the issue and has an effective approach to helping to relieve some of the trigger points leading to this issue. His work has moved the pain from an 8 down to a 2 or 3. It has been outstanding and I highly recommend him to anyone with trigger points or repetitive strain issues.
Name:Walter Arader
Service(s) Provided: Neck Pain , Sciatica & Trapped Nerves
I have seen Ben Ousey many times due to tightness in the back and headaches, each time Ben is professional and friendly and sorts me out and therefore I recommend him to anyone that mentions they are having similar pain
Name:Tasha Taylor
Service(s) Provided: Ben Ousey , Headaches
I have been a client of Tom Bedford for over 15 years. Tom is professional and is genuinely motivated in getting your symptoms resolved as quickly as possible so you are pain free. I have received 100% improvement EVERY time I've received treatment from Tom over the years. My most recent treatment was this week when I had severe pain and restricted movement in my left shoulder caused by a rotar cuff impingement. Tom diagnosed and treated my left shoulder resulting in instant fuller movement of my shoulder and drastic reduction in pain - thank you Tom! I would recommend Tom to anybody considering consulting an osteopath as he is compassionate, professional and fantastic at his job.
Name:Denise Fleming-Brown
Service(s) Provided: Tom Bedford , Shoulder Pain