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Very efficient friendly and welcoming staff. Very informative throughtout treatment of issues and treatment,
Name:Tammy Lynch
Service(s) Provided: Shoulder Pain
I have recently had a Osteopathy session with Tom Bedford for my arm.I can feel the difference after the first treatment.My Doctor couldn't even diagnose the problem but Tom figured out after checking my arm symptoms that it was tendonitis.Hopefully a few more treatments would make it better.
Thank you Nav for your lovely feedback. We are delighted that you have noticed an immediately...
Name:Navdeep Kaur
Whenever I have a musculo-skeletal problem (hip and shoulder in the past) I always think of coming to see Tom first, so when I developed a painful ankle problem which made me limp and was starting to give me knee and hip pain too I made an appointment. After the first session Tom resolved the immediate issue to the extent that I was able to walk the 2 miles back to my office without pain! One follow-up appointment to reinforce the treatment and advice about future management and I am 'signed off'! I have recommended Tom to many friends, family and colleagues over the years and will continue to do so. He is always friendly, professional and the treatments are always really effective!
Thank you Kate! Your feedback is much appreciated and we are delighted that you could walk...
Name:Kate Butler
Service(s) Provided: Ankle and Foot Pain
Had an acute episode of pain due to a slipped disk in my cervical this summer and neurosurgions advised surgery that would reduce my neck mobility to solve the pain. I was very reluctant to have it. I undertook physiotherapy and later osteopathy with Tom Bedford. I must say that, in my case, it helped improve immensely. I no longer have constant pain and the parasthesia of arm and hand are gone. I strongly recommend 51 St Clements services, Tom explains everything in detail while he the doing the practice, which is very reassuring and I felt always in very good hands. Reception services are very sweet and helpful.
Thank you for your great feedback Ana! We are delighted that you are in less pain, especially as...
Name:Ana Goncalves
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
Went to see Tom with an acute hip pain. My GP was unable to diagnose the problem and suggested seeing an osteopath. Being a commercial pilot , I also went to see an aviation specialist examiner, whom also didn't diagnose it as anything serious. After seeing Tom he said that there was something serious causing the pain, and immediately began a course of deep tissue massage. The massage bought me immediate relief and enabled me to continue working, whilst the real cause was investigated. It took an MRI scan to see the problem (on Tom's recommendation). Great service and great treatment, I would recommend his services to anyone. "Thank you".
Thank you for your great feedback Paul, we're delighted that Tom's treatment helped you.
Name:Paul Whelan
Service(s) Provided: Hip Pain
Hello, I'm not a patient of yours but i just wanted to say i've discovered your useful free parking in East Ox map. Hooray! City Council seems to produce nothing like it - ie interested only in getting money off people - so it's fantastically useful. I live in Iffley and go to the UPP by car sometimes and it's hard to remember where you can park on the street for free, and for how long. Thank you so much. PS If in future you could include parking in St Mary's Road and Hurst St it'd be even better...
Name:helena newsom
I have recently benefited enormously from a few Osteopathy sessions with Tom Bedford at St Clements Osteopathy. From having quite considerable discomfort with a back problem, with massage and the correct exercises I was able to walk from St Clements to St Giles with "wings on my heels"! I am so grateful for my new found mobility. I highly recommended his practice.
Thank you for your lovely words Eira!
Name:Eira Spinietti
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
Treatment was quick, painless and remarkably effective. My longstanding back and shoulder pain was vastly improved.
Name:Louise Randall
I limped into the clinic not really knowing what the future held for me as my foot had deteriorated steadily over a couple of years. After the first session it was clear that it was a simple matter of manipulating the area to free up movement again after ceasing up from a previous inquiry. After three sessions I have my foot back to full working order again, a huge relief and more importantly no joint issues previously suggested by convention! I cannot recommend Tom highly enough. Thank you.
Thank you for your kind words Emma, we are delighted that your ankle responded so well to Tom...
Name:Emma Moorby
Service(s) Provided: Ankle and Foot Pain
My son had been misdiagnosed with short achilles tendon for years. After discovering this we tried to get help in the country we live but success was marginal. As my daughter was very happy with the treatment Tom Bedford had given her, we made an appointment with Summeara. I was impressed with the progress she achieved in just three sessions. My son stopped twisting his ankles and knees when walking, started walking with his knees apart and can even run well. His mood improved and he is smiling more frequently now. Summeara heard my concerns and reassured me that what I'm doing is correct. She helped me understand that if my son's body suffers his soul will suffer too, and his confidence is as important for his health as all the sports he is trying at. I'm grateful and will do my best to go back to her whenevervwe are in the UK.
Name:Zlatina Scoffham