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I have recently benefited enormously from a few Osteopathy sessions with Tom Bedford at St Clements Osteopathy. From having quite considerable discomfort with a back problem, with massage and the correct exercises I was able to walk from St Clements to St Giles with "wings on my heels"! I am so grateful for my new found mobility. I highly recommended his practice.
Thank you for your lovely words Eira!
Name:Eira Spinietti
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
Treatment was quick, painless and remarkably effective. My longstanding back and shoulder pain was vastly improved.
Name:Louise Randall
Service(s) Provided:
I limped into the clinic not really knowing what the future held for me as my foot had deteriorated steadily over a couple of years. After the first session it was clear that it was a simple matter of manipulating the area to free up movement again after ceasing up from a previous inquiry. After three sessions I have my foot back to full working order again, a huge relief and more importantly no joint issues previously suggested by convention! I cannot recommend Tom highly enough. Thank you.
Thank you for your kind words Emma, we are delighted that your ankle responded so well to Tom...
Name:Emma Moorby
Service(s) Provided: Ankle and Foot Pain
My son had been misdiagnosed with short achilles tendon for years. After discovering this we tried to get help in the country we live but success was marginal. As my daughter was very happy with the treatment Tom Bedford had given her, we made an appointment with Summeara. I was impressed with the progress she achieved in just three sessions. My son stopped twisting his ankles and knees when walking, started walking with his knees apart and can even run well. His mood improved and he is smiling more frequently now. Summeara heard my concerns and reassured me that what I'm doing is correct. She helped me understand that if my son's body suffers his soul will suffer too, and his confidence is as important for his health as all the sports he is trying at. I'm grateful and will do my best to go back to her whenevervwe are in the UK.
Name:Zlatina Scoffham
Service(s) Provided:
My mum lives abroad and had been suffering from back pain for years. She'd been told nothing could be done. Misdiagnosed as it turned out. I took her to see Tom and after one visit she's hugely improved. Tense muscles sorted out, she is able to straighten up and is happily doing her exercises. A massive thank you!!!
Excellent news! Thank you for your kind words Joanna, we are delighted that your mother responded...
Name:Joanna P
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
After suffering from sciatica for over 4 months I decided to visit Tom Bedford, and after 3 sessions I found a big improvement and was so glad to get some much needed relief to my sciatica problem. Tom explained what was happening with the sciatica and what he needed to do in order to correct the problem in an easy to understand way. I would recommend Tom Bedford and the St Clements Osteopathy & Massage.
Many thanks for your kind comments Michael!
Name:Michael Capon
Service(s) Provided: Sciatica & Trapped Nerves
Really professional, soothing,and carefully explained what they were doing and why.
Name:Amy Mason
Service(s) Provided:
I went to Summeara with severe SPD in pregnancy - to the point my hips had dislocated at one point and I couldn't walk. Physio treatment had had no impact, but after just one session with Summeara I could walk again and she kept me mobile right through my pregnancy. Other than being a miracle worker, she was lovely and friendly yet professional. She also went away and did some extra research on my rare connective tissue disorder so that she could treat me better. Fantastic care! Would you recommend our services? Yes
Name:Hannah Stammers
Service(s) Provided: Hip Pain
Had my first ever treatment today for a recent back/Sciatica complaint. Saw Corinne who was thorough in getting to understand my problem & professional in her treatment & advice. Reception staff Aoife & Anne were very helpful in arranging a suitable time & day for me as I'm restricted due to work. Would highly recommend anyone to come to 51stclements.
Name:Chris Blewitt
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
Had your first appointment today, with a lovely lady called Summeara, I believe her name was. Amazing! After multiple pregnancies I had lower back pain, pain between my shoulder blades and lower neck. I literally walked out pain free. Cannot believe how effective the appointment was. Highly recommended. Can see myself returning for all kinds of appointments.
Thank you Emma for your lovely words. We are delighted that Summeara Bedford's Osteopathic...
Name:Emma May
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain , Neck Pain , Shoulder Pain