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I was suffering from a debilitating, stabbing pain in my head, stemming from my neck and possibly caused by stress and long days staring at a screen. After two sessions with Ben Davies, the pain, a 'tension headache', completely disappeared and I was back to normal...highly recommend this place!
Name:Andrea G
Service(s) Provided:
Just the very efficient and knowledgeable practitioners. Each time I visit they exam me and find the areas that hurt without me always having to say each spot. I always come away feeling much better and like the issue has resolved or is a whole lot better. Would highly recommend to anyone with ongoing pains.
Name:Marcella May
Service(s) Provided:
I was very pleased with the service I received. I arrived with pain in my middle and upper back which had been getting increasingly worse over several months. The Osteopath I saw explained what was likely to be causing the pain, gently manipulated my spine and massaged surrounding muscles. I was given some advice on being more active and exercise that should help maintain the comfort the osteopathy would provide with. Several weeks have now passed since my appointment and I am feeling very well.
Name:Lloyd Mike
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain
I had a meeting with Tom Bedford re having cracks in my knees when bending _ I am 75! He examined me - complimented on my fitness for my age and effectively said -Don't spend any more money on this practice .What you need is to regularly use an exercise bike -and then he gave me suggestions on bikes suitable for seniors So instead of getting to spend money on his practice he directed me to a different 'treatment'. How many time has this happened to you ?
Many thanks for promoting our honesty Alan, we hope the exercise bike helps!
Name:Alan Jenkins
Service(s) Provided: Knee Pain
It is always scary to go for a session like that, especially because it involves rather a high price. However, I felt better immediately and the next day I forgot that I had pain. So I was very happy for my decision to seek for help, it has improved quality of life drastically!
Name:Marina Korzenevica
Service(s) Provided:
I had 3 sessions with Tom a little over a month ago now, I wanted to leave some time before submitting a review to fully test whether the treatment I received fixed my problem. I take my running quite seriously but in the 7 months prior to my first appointment I was largely unable to run due to an unknown foot/leg problem. Several times I questioned whether I'd ever get back to fitness. My doctor and physio gave conflicting diagnoses and neither suggested treatment that worked. Tom's diagnosis largely matched my physio but his hands on approach really got to the root of the problem and I was able to run tentatively immediately after the first session. Yesterday I completed my first high intensity track session since treatment and I don't feel any negative effects from it, for me this was the final test before declaring myself fit again. Massive thanks to everyone at St Clements Osteo!
Keith, this is great news! We are delighted that you are fit again and that Tom's treatment help...
Name:Keith Shaw
Service(s) Provided: Ankle and Foot Pain
I was treated initially by Tom for an ongoing problem I have had with my thumb, which over the past 4/5 years has extended throughout my arm and into my shoulder, leaving me unable to write. I have seen physios, osteopaths, acupuncturists to name a few, but nothing has worked as of yet. Tom got me through my second year University exams and deadlines as his treatments allowed me start to write a little and be able to type for much longer without enduring so much pain. Since then, my arm/hand became worse again due to my role at work, and I was particularly getting new pains in my shoulder and back, so I saw Ben, for a massage. He has done a great job at loosening all the muscles that were so tense up my arm, in my hand, my back and my shoulder. I was in a sling because my arm was so painful, but after 3 treatments he made a massive difference and I was able to move my arm again! Both Tom and Ben have provided an excellent service and have given me hope!
Thank you Hannah! We are delighted that Tom and Ben could help you in their different ways and...
Name:Hannah Vinten
Service(s) Provided: Massage, RSI or Repetitive Strain , Shoulder Pain
I visited Tom when I had exhausted all options recommended by the doctor and was still no further forward with relieving my excruciating back and neck pain which caused headaches and times where I could not stand up straight! Tom has been a miracle worker, using both massage and manipulating techniques to relieve pressure and pain, I could say after 3 treatments I was feeling elated! After 6 months of treatments and exercises at home I was definitely on the road to self managing the pain when it occurred. I now visit Tom for a 6 monthly 'MOT' and couldn't recommend him/the services any more.
Name:Steffani Herring-Hall
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain , Headaches , Neck Pain
Amazing and friendly atmosphere, felt completely at ease when coming for my treatment. My treatment itself was very effective after my first visit and after my second visit I am now free of back pain. Highly recommended. Thank you Tom!
Thank you Amie - we are delighted that you are better already!
Name:Amie Mechen
Service(s) Provided: Back Pain , Shoulder Pain
I have been seeing Ben Ousey off and on since the start of 2011. I am a swimmer, who has undertaken increasingly long endurance swims, and have just completed a Two Way Windermere Swim (21 miles) in 10h46 minutes. This would not have been possible without Ben's work on my arms over the last couple of months (nor would I have got so far without the previous osteopathy work). Ben is friendly and interested in the effects of sport and I would (and have!) recommend him to people with sports-related-issues.
Name:Verity Westgate
Service(s) Provided: