Managing Stress & Anxiety in Oxford


How we can help manage your stress & anxiety

Our clinic offers a variety of therapies that are clinically proven to help manage stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness involves the practice of mental exercises and simple meditation techniques that can alleviate stress and help promote positive emotions and reduce feelings anxiety - learn more about Mindfulness courses in Oxford here.

Talking Therapies such as CounsellingCognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy are also very effective ways to treat stress and anxiety. To find out more speak to one of our therapists.

Stress and anxiety are a growing problem in modern society with more and more people in the UK reporting having experienced feelings of stress and anxiety than ever before. Stress occurs when we feel unable to cope with the mental or emotional pressures placed upon us. Common sources of stress are work pressure, money problems, relationship difficulties, bereavement or serious illness and disability. Even happy events like planning a wedding or having a baby can be stressful.

Feelings of stress in the short term are quite normal but long term exposure to stress can cause significant problems in our mental and physical well being. In physical terms prolonged stress can cause high blood pressure, increased tension in the muscular system and suppress the immune system. It can also affect our mental health causing feelings of anxiety and lead to depression.

There are lots of simple ways to help deal with stress. Getting some exercise, eating a healthy diet or spending time in nature all help improve feelings of stress and anxiety. If you are worried about your stress levels then consult your GP or seek advice from a suitable healthcare professional.