Max Clark

Achieving his Sport & Exercise Science Bachelor’s degree from Nottingham Trent University, 4 years ago, Max developed a passion for the human body. These diverse and unique structures encouraged him to gain further relevant CPD points from well-established professionals around the country. Currently working with Oxford University Sport as a Sport Massage Therapist and Oxford Brookes Sport University as a Strength & Conditioning coach, Max has experience within sporting events such as the Oxford Half Marathon, rugby and football pitch side on-call therapist.

Working with teams at Brookes Sport and Oxford University Sport, Max treats a wide range of different individuals from sport scholars to ambitious athletes. Such teams range from football, rugby, and boxing to swimming, fencing, and rowing, enabling himself to understand the sport specific aggravators affecting performance positively and/or negatively.

Through this first-hand experience with individual and team sports, Max incorporates and utilises different rehabilitation techniques. Such techniques range from Active and Passive Soft Tissue release, Isometric Muscular Energy techniques with reciprocal inhibition, Myofascial Trigger Point release, Cervical Spine Mobilization and Kinesiology taping including the use of postural analysis to help promote the mobility and efficiency of the human body.

Determined to prevent, overcome and counteract injury reoccurrence, Max dives into aspects of the patients lifestyle, including environment, sleeping patterns, gait movement, training phases, nutrition and day to day work tasks. The objective is to promote minor, but substantial, modifications in day to day life to best support an individuals’ needs and understanding.