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We offer 4 and 8 week Mindfulness courses, as well as top up classes and taster sessions. 

Our 4 week course provides a perfect introduction to Mindfulness for beginners and they have a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge you need to start your own Mindfulness practice, with lots of advice on how to make Mindfulness a regular part of your lifestyle.

Our 8 week course MBSR (Mindfulness Stress Reduction Programme) offers a fun yet comprehensive learning experience. The course will help you develop the skills and strategies to manage your own wellbeing and stress levels and learn to build resilience to life’s challenges whether at work or home. Other benefits might include; improved sleep patterns, better pain control, reduced stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduced ‘reactivity’, less fatigue, an increased sense of calm and better focus and productivity.

Our top up sessions provide continuing support and practice of Mindfulness techniques and can be attended on completion of either the 4 or 8 week course.

4 Week Course: Provided by Ben Ousey

Wednesday 3rd,10th,17th, 24th June 2020, 6.30-7.30pm

8 Week MBSR Online Course : Provided by Bonnie Roberts

Tuesday 28th April - 23rd June 7-9pm

Friday 1st May - 26th June 12-2pm

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Next top up classes:

Wednesday 29th April 2020, 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 27th May 2020, 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 24th June 2020, 5.30-6.30pm

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Try this free guided Mindfulness meditation.


What exactly is Mindfulness?

The concept of mindfulness refers to a particular state of conscious awareness where the mind is deliberately focused on the present moment and then observing whatever is happening in the mind or body without judgement. Mindfulness meditations and practices are designed to promote this state of being and there is a growing body of scientific research to support its effectiveness, especially in dealing with stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

What three things should I be doing to lower the impact of stress on my wellbeing?

There are many effective ways to combat stress and anxiety. Some methods will work better for different people, so this list is only a guide.

Learn to practice mindfulness. If you suffer from stress or anxiety then there are few better ways to gently help yourself to relax.
Exercise regularly - physical activity that raises the heart rate causes the release of endorphins that can lift your mood. You don't have to run marathons or spend hours at the gym. If you can find an exercise or activity you enjoy doing then that would be ideal and to be honest you can't beat a brisk walk in the countryside.
Give yourself a break, by which I mean be kind to yourself. None of us are perfect and we are all just trying our best. You are allowed to get it wrong and find things difficult. So try not to be hard on yourself when you do.

Can you suggest Mindfulness techniques that I can use right away? 

Many of the Mindfulness meditation techniques are quite simple but that is not to say that they are easy. One of the most common techniques is to use the breath as a focus for your attention. You can try the guided meditation at the top of the page to get a feeling for what Mindfulness Meditation is like.

Where can I learn more about  Mindfulness & Mindfulness techniques?

Perhaps the best independent resource is the Mindfulnet website which provides information on all aspects of mindfulness and recommended books, apps and courses.

http://www.mindfulnet.org/index.htm http://www.mindfulnet.org/index.htm

Our Teachers


 Your Mindfulness Teacher

Ben Ousey is a qualified Mindfulness teacher and graduated from The British School of Meditation in 2014.He has been providing Mindfulness courses in Oxford ever since. Ben is passionate about Mindfulness and the positive and scientifically proven effects a regular Mindfuless practice has on human health. Mindfulness is particularly effective for helping relieve stress and anxiety. Ben is available to provide guided meditations and training one on one or in small group sessions. Ben regularly provides Mindfulness talks, taster sessions and courses at events and for businesses and institutions around Oxford including Nominet UK, Oxford University & the Bodleian Library.




Bonnie Roberts is a Qualified and Accredited Teacher, with Mindfulness UK & British School of Meditation. Bonnie has 30 years of experience of Meditation behind her. She undertakes regular Supervision sessions and CPD including Mindfulness Retreats, helping to meet the Good Practice Guidelines laid down by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.

“Bonnie not only brings a great deal of knowledge and wisdom into her classes but also a sense of empathy and compassion together with large dollops of humour. An amazing combination’. (Current client).