Sciatica and trapped nerve treatment in Oxford

Sciatica Treatment

Trapped nerves in the leg

Nerves often become trapped and inflammed when muscles in the back go into spasm, or they get compressed by a bulge in one of the discs between the vertebrae of the spine. Trapped nerves, most commonly the Sciatic Nerve runs down the back of the leg to the foot, can cause pain, pins and needles and numbness in the buttock, thigh, calf and foot. Interestingly, clients that do have "sciatica", a trapped nerve causing leg or foot symptoms, often do not have pain in the back itself - although the cause of the trapped nerve is nearly always to be found in the low back.

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Trapped nerves in the shoulder and arm

The nerves that come out of the neck run down through the shoulder and into the arm and hand. In the same way that nerves in the low back can become compressed by tight muscles or a buldge in a disc, the nerves in the neck can also become trapped or inflammed. Osteopathic treatment aims to relax the tight muscles involved and, if appropriate, to free up restricted joints in order to restore mobility to the neck and spine.


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